The routes to Walsingham

smiling pilgrims in a field


Days: 7

Starting from: Leicester

Length: 120 miles

Cost: £150 (waged)/£70 (low waged)/£50 (unwaged)

Midland is one of the more relaxed routes. The days are slightly shorter and the cross we carry is lighter although we still sleep in church halls on airbeds. On Midland the liturgy is Catholic including mass most days and an afternoon saying the rosary. We are one of the most sociable groups, having dinner with the parishes we pass through on two nights, and our Wednesday night party with Northern is legendary.

a woman carrying a cross


Days: 7

Length: 120 miles

Cost: £190 (waged)/£100 (low waged)/£60 (unwaged)

Mostly off-road, London’s walk will take you across flat country, beside rivers and alongside main roads. Accommodation through the week varies. Often called the most luxurious walk (albeit still a challenge), London offers you a shower, a night in real beds and lots of cake! Accompanied by a Catholic chaplain, our route is a great mix of Catholic, Anglican and Methodist. A musical bunch, our songs reflect the typical London Pride with many witty ditties both sacred and profane.

smiling pilgrims crossing a ford


Days: 7

Length: 120 miles

Cost: £145 (waged)/£100 (low waged)/£55 (unwaged)

Essex is the most coastal route, taking in the sights of sea, sand, an ice cream stop, two ferries and a bus. One of the more diverse and ecumenical groups – our current walkers include Catholics, Anglicans and Methodists which provides for a more diverse and open liturgy style. Though our nights are the usual airbeds in halls, we do have two opportunities for showers midweek. Every day finishes with a delicious hot evening meal prepared by local parishioners, and we do very well for cooked breakfasts too!

people playing string instruments


Days: 7

Length: 120 miles

Cost: £190 (waged)/£100 (low waged)/£50 (unwaged)

Walking mostly on quiet country roads, Northern spend their time on the road talking to each other, with conversation topics ranging from the substantial and serious to the sublimely silly. We welcome people from a range of different church traditions, and those who are open to and exploring questions of faith. We mostly sleep on church hall floors so a sleeping bag and floor mat are essential. We spend many of our evenings in pubs, and often sing and play music together. We even boast a set of kazoos!

a wooden cross bathed in light


Days: 7

Length: 120 miles

Cost: £150 (waged)/£80 (low waged)/£50 (unwaged)

The Oxford route is a bit like our journey with Christ - it may not be the most direct, but you get there in the end. We are quite traditional; sharing services with parishioners, praying the rosary together and opportunities for personal reflection. Just one night of our week we spend with parishioners, the rest of it is just us. We pray, cook, eat, sleep and laugh together!

group picture of pilgrims in front of a wooden cross


Days: 3

Length: 60 miles

Cost: £150 (waged)/£75 (low waged)/£50 (unwaged)

Ely has a shorter route than most, making it ideal for those unable to walk for the whole week. Meeting on the Tuesday before Easter, we walk for three days; one day off-road and two days on. Started by an Anglican and a Catholic, we have always had quite an ecumencial and open feeling to our group. Ely enjoys not only the widest age range of walkers, but also arguably the most diverse.

children carrying a cross


Days: 1

Length: 12 miles

Cost: £65 (waged)/£35 (low or unwaged)

Easter meet up in Walsingham on Thursday evening to celebrate Mass of the Last Supper, and walk the 12miles from Wells to Walsingham the next day. The small amount of time together does not stop us from forming great friendships, having a good sing song and time for group reflection. Walkers on Easter arrange their own accommodation and travel. The fee goes towards the cost of two main meals, the Chaplain, the GOD fund and other general expenses. This group is for everyone, from those with young children or limited mobility to work commitments, all are welcome!