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What is Pilgrim Cross?

Pilgrim Cross is an Easter pilgrimage for all ages that walks every year to Walsingham – an ancient site of pilgrimage in Norfolk. We live and walk in community for one, three or seven days before spending an amazing weekend celebrating Easter in the ruins of Walsingham Abbey.

The pilgrimage is a way of celebrating Easter like no other and the friendships you make during the week last a lifetime, but what we appreciate most is the opportunity to step out of the busyness of everyday life for a week and just be.

Whether you are looking to deepen your faith, find fellowship with friends or just taking some time to think, we look forward to meeting you on Pilgrim Cross.

Pilgrim Cross strives to be a community that is inclusive of all, regardless of faith, age, gender, sexuality, disability, or ethnicity. This is our intention, though we are aware that we still have much to learn, if you have any concerns or suggestions please use our contact us page to get in touch.


Many confirmed couch potatoes have completed the walk without much difficulty. However, some preparation can be helpful. As little as two weeks' preparation with simple stretches and exercises would enable you to tackle the week.
The adult legs walk around 15 to 20 miles a day. The family legs walk between 5 and 10 miles a day. It's easier than you think - there's lots of stops and walking with a group provides a great boost. Your luggage is taken in a car and if it gets too much, so are you.
As long as you've got a waterproof, a sleeping bag, a mat or airbed and some trainers, you'll be alright. No specialist equipment is needed.
Don't worry, you soon will. Previous walkers are very keen to meet new faces and there will be other people in the same boat as yourself. Many very strong friendships are formed during the week.
Different routes have different types of accommodation. The adult walking legs, Wensum and Heacham often stay in church or village halls and schools. The family legs for younger children stay in youth hostels or activity centres. When we arrive in Walsingham most pilgrims stay at the Pilgrim Bureau or the Anglican Shrine.
Each group creates their own liturgy. Pilgrim Cross started out as a Catholic pilgrimage. We are now ecumenical, but different groups lean more towards different faith traditions than others. The services in Walsingham are a mixture of Catholic and Anglican. You can find out more about each groups liturgy on the routes page.
Our costs are income based and range from £30 to £200. This works on an honesty basis as we recognise some people are unable to cover the full cost of the pilgrimage depending on their income. There is financial support available for any level of income if you feel you are unable to pay the full cost, or you need support in buying suitable equipment. Spare equipment may also be provided centrally from on the group you choose, please get in touch with us to find out more via our contact page.

This covers all your food and accommodation for the week. The only other extras you have to find are money for drinks and about £20 for a coach back from Walsingham. Financial support towards the cost of the pilgrimage is available.

We organise coaches leaving Walsingham at 3pm on Easter Sunday bound for London and Leicester.
We were founded in 1948 by a group of Catholic students who enjoyed it so much they just kept coming back year after year. You can read more about it below.

Pilgrim Cross began as Student Cross in 1948 when Wilfred Maundcote-Carter organised a ‘Cross Carrying Pilgrimage of Penance and Prayer’. 30 male Catholic students and chaplains took part, walking from London to Walsingham during Holy Week. They had such a great time that at the end of the week they turned to each other and said ‘shall we do it again next year?’

The next year it was so popular a second group had to be created, walking from Nottingham instead of London with the two groups meeting in Walsingham. These two routes are still in existence today as London and Northern!

The pilgrimage has continued to grow ever since with 7 current adult walking routes and 4 family routes.

Our demographic has diversified from those original young Catholic men who could carry the cross and their packs for the week. First women were admitted, then we began to welcome pilgrims from across the Christian traditions. After a while the students grew up and had children, now you can find pilgrims of all ages. In 2021 we changed our name to Pilgrim Cross to recognise the diverse community we had become. Today Pilgrim Cross is made up of around 300 pilgrims from diverse backgrounds and faith traditions, ranging from babies to those in their 80s. Even now, when we get to the end of each year, we still turn to each other and say ‘shall we do it again?’. Come and join us next year!

About the Student Cross Association

The Student Cross Association (SCA) is a registered charity (charity number 1019313) which exists to raise and disburse funds to needy pilgrims to enable them to walk Pilgrim Cross. For further information see our SCA page.

The SCA provides two types of grants annually for Pilgrim Cross pilgrims in need of financial help.

The SCA is funded by generous fundraisers and donations throughout the year.

Want to help pilgrims to take part in Pilgrim Cross?
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