The Student Cross Association (SCA) is a registered charity (charity number 1019313) which exists to raise and disburse funds to needy pilgrims to enable them to walk Pilgrim Cross. For further information contact the SCA.

Most complete information can be found about the SCA at this link.

The SCA’s aims

To raise funds for grants or loans through individual donations, Pilgrim Cross merchandise, and other appropriate means

To distribute grants or loans to needy pilgrims (low-waged and unwaged) to help them to take part in Pilgrim Cross

To ensure that all grants or loans are properly spent and accounted for

To report back to the Pilgrim Cross Annual General Meeting on allocation and use of grants or loans

To maintain the Student Cross Association web page

The SCA constitution

Committee membership

SCA committee members are (re-)elected every year at the Student Cross Association Annual General Meeting in Walsingham. The current Student Cross Association Committee consists of:

  • 5 Trustees
  • 1 Honorary Treasurer
  • 1 representative from each Leg of Pilgrim Cross
  • Up to 5 Other Elected Members (OEMs)
  • Current and previous General Organising Director of Pilgrim Cross

The Chair and Vice-Chair of the Committee are elected by the SCA Committee from within its own body every three years. The Secretary of the Committee is elected by the SCA Committee from within its own body every five years. The Treasurer and Secretary are elected by the SCA committee every five years. Leg Reps are elected by their individual Legs every year. OEMs and Trustees are elected by the general body of Pilgrim Cross at the SCA AGM.

Our patrons

  • Mr Chris Bain, Former Director, CAFOD
  • Professor Rev Timothy Gorringe, Professor Emeritus of Theology, University of Exeter
  • Most Rev Bishop Malcolm McMahon OP, Archbishop of Liverpool
  • Most Rev Timothy Radcliffe OP, Former Master of the Order of Preachers
  • Rt Rev Bishop Alan Williams, Bishop of Brentwood