Michèle Crawford

Following International Women’s Day and Celebrating 30 years of Female Ordination in the Church of England we wanted to take the time to reflect on a woman who gave so much to our pilgrimage over the years: Michèle Crawford. Here close friend Damien Sweeney reflects on their friendship, impact on the pilgrimage and spirituality.

I first met Michèle on Wednesday 7th April 1987. That was the year she was GOD (National Director). She came to visit Midland Leg and Northern Leg ion Kings Lynn, bringing with her some rather strong cider. Needless to say, it, she, were made most welcome. Over the intervening years I worked with her on many ‘projects’ including the setting up of the SCA as a registered charity.

However, the most fruitful time I spent with Michèle was in the years starting from 1995 when that year’s GOD (Maria Huff) asked me to help Michèle with the organisation of the Vigil Service. During this time, we spent many an hour together in either Walsingham or Oxford, talking about Student Cross and enjoying a drink, or several. For many years our default position on Good Friday night was that we’d be ensconced in The Black Lion after supper, have a pint and a chat together with Fabian (Radcliffe). They were lovely and magical times.

Michèle was seriously committed to her religion and had a deep and lasting faith which showed in all she did. This carried itself into her personal and professional life. Many were the times when we would discuss our philosophy of education and how it was truly a vocational career. This commitment, obviously, carried itself over into Pilgrim Cross, which was such an extremely important part of her life.

I will be forever grateful that I met Michèle and am immensely proud to have called her friend. She will be greatly missed, and our thoughts and prayers are with her many friends and with her husband, David. RIP Michèle.